accounting application for churches

Churches can track, analyze, and report on financial information across various fields—be it by specific ministry, outreach project, or mission trip. This level of data means church congregations can see how funds are being utilized, which is essential in promoting trust and stewardship within the church community. It is also an American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) preferred financial management solution.

The Best Church Accounting Software

There is a growing market for specialized software for churches because of their particular financial demands and obligations. By partnering with BELAY, you can free up valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on your ministry’s core mission. Contact us today to learn how BELAY Accounting Services can become your trusted financial partner on your church’s journey.

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  • These reports help you track how you use your church’s money in comparison with your financial goals.
  • It also allows churches to easily track donations and pledge payments, including automatic deposit of electronic funds, and generation of donation statements for tax purposes.
  • If your church wants to focus more on the accounting side, we recommend QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit.

QuickBooks Online

It allows the automation of repetitive bookkeeping tasks and the prevention of mistakes resulting from manual computations and bookkeeping. The software program uses AI technology to help you categorize transactions, making it easier to analyze complex financial data. ZipBooks is free accounting software and an online invoicing platform to send online invoices and quotes as PDF files. What’s great about ZipBooks is that you can customize invoices to meet your church’s specific needs. You can use it to store and track receipts, so you have accurate records of all of your church’s expenses, ensuring accurate year-end reporting of your church’s income and expenses. Church accounting software can help you better grasp your church finances without the need for extensive financial management skills or experience.

Aplos: Best Overall Church Accounting Software

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How To Choose Your Church Accounting Software

Plus, it is easy to delegate specific tasks with defined user types to different church staff, so you can streamline processes. Xero is the most customer-friendly and adaptable software for small businesses. While not exclusively designed for churches, its flexibility ensures it can cater to various organization types. Its financial management and reporting tools are robust enough to handle complex financial scenarios yet intuitive enough for those not deeply versed in accounting. ACS is a fund accounting software within a church management system that allows a church to manage contributions, cash flow, and financial records. Churches, particularly small churches, need user-friendly accounting software that’s easy to use and set up, with the categories and types of transactions churches need to track.


In addition, the software enables users to manage the church inventory with higher precision and accuracy. The main advantage of ZipBooks, compared to other free software tools, is that it allows users to manage an unlimited number of vendors and donors. It can double as a donation management system where you can receive digital money through Square or PayPal. You can also use ZipBooks to view basic reports and stay updated on your church’s financial status.

accounting application for churches

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  • You can also add QuickBooks Payroll for $45 plus $4 per employee and monthly bookkeeping through QuickBooks Live starting at $200 per month.
  • Firstly, it offers a cutting-edge set of group management tools that allow churches to adapt to the changing demographics.
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  • Without an accounting format budget template, it is easy to mismanage your church accounting and overburden the congregation with heavy monetary demands.
  • Let’s explore these features and understand the benefits they bring to churches.

It doesn’t have built-in church management features, but its features can help your church manage funds and assets. By using class and location tracking, users can configure QuickBooks Online for church accounting. It offers church management and financial accounting features in one software. It’s a well-rounded solution for religious nonprofits and churches accounting application for churches needing church accounting functions with features like event registrations and donation management. Aside from that, Aplos Advanced Accounting, a higher tier, includes budgeting, fixed asset tracking, and income and expense allocation. Some solutions offer free church accounting software with basic invoicing, expense management, and reporting tools.

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accounting application for churches

Furthermore, the platform is known for accommodating different church sizes, with various priced plans and a free plan available. Critically, software developed that allow third parties to initiate functions or review data on a taxpayer’s system are not considered internal use and therefore potentially qualify for the R&D credit. We worked with a tax firm using generative AI to read its client information and add relevant data to their work papers automatically.

accounting application for churches

Consider Church Accounting Software to Simplify Your Spreadsheets

As the name implies, this software is more limited in functionality compared to many church management solutions, as it’s focus is on scheduling. Ministry Scheduler Pro was developed for church organizations to better improve their schedules. The donor indicates that 100% of the donation must be used on their pipe organ restoration project that they’ve recently started. However, a sudden rainstorm causes some flooding in the church’s basement, and they need to pay a contractor to fix some water damage. Nonprofits, in particular, have to worry about fund accounting, which is the management of resources that have been designated for specific uses. This means that a generic accounting system won’t be able to create a trial balance by the fund or provide the necessary reports or checks/balances to ensure resources are being allocated as needed.